Tomb of Doom

See how high you can jump in the Tomb of Doom game! Join Ben 10 and his alien, Rath, on a thrilling mission in a crypt filled with mummies and artifacts!

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Experience the alien powers of Rath in the Tomb of Doom game! If you know anything about Ben 10, you won't be surprised to learn that he can channel the powers o aliens through his watch, the Omnitrix. Are you ready to join him for a new adventure? This time, he will embody Rath, a humanoid tiger with great agility and strength. However, his aggression makes him difficult to control at times. Give it a try!

Have you heard about Hex, the necromancer? He is one of Gwen Tennyson's archenemies, who spares no effort to take his revenge on her. This time, he has used his powerful magic to lure Ben into a trap! Can you help him get out of the ancient crypt, filled with mummies and ancient curses? You'll have to use his powers to make a great leap. Jump on the ancient artifacts to collect coins and get out of the crypt!

How to Play

Get ready to jump! As you know by now, Rath is known for his otherworldly agility and strength. To start his wild chase out of the cursed crypt, you need to adjust the direction and strength of his leap. Do you notice the spinning arrow on the screen? Click when it reaches the white zone in the middle for a perfect launch. 

Now, you have to learn how to keep flying in the air and out of the crypt! The key is to make use of the artifacts scattered all around the tomb. Move your cursor over them, then click to smash them using Rath's force! If you are precise in your attacks, you can even create combos for extra coins. However, make sure you don't miss your target! You will fall into the abyss and lose one of your precious lives. Yikes!

While you're in the air, look out for bonuses that can help you travel further! Jump on them, and you'll soon find that Rath has new awesome abilities! For instance, you can gain a shield, extra attack power, or even a stash of coins. What is more, you'll also be able to gather more lives. Therefore, you should always be on the lookout for the green, yellow, orange, and gray power-up icons!

There's more you should know!

Don't be discouraged if you can't get too far on your first few runs! Just keep trying your best and make a few runs to collect coins. Whenever you manage to gather 100 or more, you'll get access to the in-game shop. Buy upgrades for Rath's powers to improve your high score!

There are six main categories in which you can invest, with five levels of improvements for each. Would you like to increase your strength, add some extra health, or become faster? You can also increase the perks you get from combos or become luckier. Of course, you'll need plenty of coins to max out all the abilities.

Stop hesitating and join Ben 10 and Rath for this incredible Egyptian adventure! This jumping game is so addictive that you'll be exploring the Tomb of Doom for hours. See how powerful your hero can become! You're going to have a blast in this alien adventure!