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Play a tennis match against your favorite Cartoon Network Characters in the Table Tennis Ultra Mega Tournament game! Do you enjoy table tennis? If you are competitive and enjoy a good match, then face the best players and try to win! You can meet your friends from popular shows: The Amazing World of Gumball, Adventure Time, We Bare Bears, Teen Titans Go, The Powerpuff Girls, and many others!

Just like any other simulation game, you will feel as if you are really playing tennis! Become one with your chosen player and hit the ball! Focus on your eye-hand coordination, and move the paddle as fast as you can! Win the tournament and unlock more characters and even unique items to make your mission more fun! Do you have what it takes to become the winner?

How to play the game

Before you start the competition, you should understand the basics! To move the paddle and hit the ball, all you have to do is use your mouse and move it across the screen. The quicker you reach, the higher chances your opponent will miss their shot, gaining you a point! Sound easy enough, doesn't it?

If you wish, you can begin with a Quick Game to understand the game mechanics and controls, and then move on to the tournament. In this second mode, you will have to defeat your opponents and win the championship. You can choose against who your next match will be, as long as you are moving forward and making progress. 

The first player to score five points wins! Don't worry if you lose a match, because you will be able to challenge your opponent until you win!

What else you should know

If your opponent has a star symbol next to him, that means you will unlock a reward by winning the match! The challenge itself will also be different because you will have one minute to shoot at a target and beat the other character's score.

Your last opponent will have a crown symbol next to his face. If you defeat him, you will unlock that character as a reward, and you will be able to play as him in the next tournaments! You have ten players to find in total, so get ready to play some tennis!

Are you up for a match? Compete against your favorite Cartoon Network friends and win the tournament!

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