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About Dry Land Game

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    NuMuKi Browser
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    750 x 500
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Prove that you're as agile as a monkey in the Dry Land game! Unfortunately, the school from the My Gym Partner's a Monkey series has become flooded. However, Jake isn't afraid of the water! Besides, he has a great business idea in mind. He wants to collect all the candy left behind by all the running children and sell them back to the candy store. What a clever idea!

The game consists of ten levels, each challenging you more than the previous. You'll have to jump from one piece of dry to the other to collect candies and goodies while also keeping an eye out for dangers. Jake is an energetic and athletic monkey, but he'll need your flawless orientation, patience, and precision to succeed.

How to play the game

Luckily, you can play the game without getting wet! Use the cursor to make Jake look around and orient himself. Once you decide which way you want to make the jump, simply click to make it happen.

However, you'll notice that how you click matters! The longer you hold the mouse button, the further our monkey hero will jump. It might seem a little challenging at first, but soon you'll get the hang of it!

Keep in mind that Jake starts the game with only three lives! Sure, you can earn more by exploring the islands in the game. However, once all your lives run out, you lose the level and have to start again from the starting position. Yikes!

There's more you should know!

Jake is not the only creature lurking around the flooded hallways. Turtles are friendly and helpful, as they'll act as moving platforms for your hero. However, you'll also encounter dangerous beasts such as crocodiles and sharks! Time your jumps carefully, as they'll grab you if they catch you. Yikes!

Every once in a while, you can get lost among all the islands. However, you can click on the looking glass at the bottom of the screen to zoom out and see the bigger picture. Now that you know where you're headed, it's easier to reach the end of the mission!

This challenge will help you become as agile as a monkey while also reminding you of the joys and dangers of middle school. Find out how many candies you can gather!

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