The Big Field Trip

In The Big Field Trip game, Adam and Jake had received a list of tasks from Principe Pixiefrog! Can you help them complete it and stay out of trouble?

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About The Big Field Trip Game

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The Principal Pixiefrog has many tasks for Adam and his partner, Jake, in The Big Field Trip game! However, the school has many dangerous places, so they need to be very careful. Can you join the My Gym Partner's a Monkey heroes and help them with those challenges?

Your job is to make sure that the two friends check all the tasks on the principal's list. Follow them in their adventure and try to keep them safe from the dangers they may encounter! Let's hurry. We can't waste too much time!

How to Play

First, the controls! You only need your keyboard to go around the school and complete the task list. Use the Arrow keys to move around and the Spacebar to jump on platforms or reach the vines dangling around the hallways. While you wonder about the building, try to search every classroom; you never know what you may find!

Now let's get ready for action! Your role is to help Adam and Jake complete all the challenges the principal gave them. The list goes as follows: 

- Vaccinate the students

- Free the students trapped underwater

- Get the students on the bus for the field trip

- Collect many doorknobs

You will need to complete the first three tasks in order, but the doorknobs are found all around the school, so pick up as many as you can!

On your way, you may find some obstacles that can hurt Adam. From spikes to hedgehogs or pufferfish, stay clear of the dangers. It can take only a touch to decrease your health meter. Try to jump over or dodge anything that may harm you!

There's more you should know!

Jake will be with you until the finish line! If you need to reach really high places or unlock paths, look around for a sign with his face. He will jump from the bushes and help you get as high as you need.

You should look for the one with Mr.'s Pixiefrogs face also! It serves as a checkpoint. If your health meter goes down, you can restart from there.

In the meantime, look around for the various items to help you on the way! For instance, you can collect hearts to increase your missing health. Or get the Jungle Boy costume that will make you invincible to any harm for a while and boost your speed. You can also try the bubble to shield Adam from the next hit.

Are you ready to jump on the adventure? Let's start with the first point on the list and not stop till we complete all the challenges! Jake can't wait to get moving, and neither is Adam. You should not leave them waiting!

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