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About Front Page Nuisance Game

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    NuMuKi Browser
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Don't miss out on the Front Page Nuisance game if you've wondered who would win in an agility contest between Jake and Adam! The two pals get along most days, but sometimes Jake plays hurtful pranks on his friend. 

For instance, today, the monkey decided to print out a newspaper filled with mean gossip about Adam. Can you help the boy recover all the papers before his colleagues read them?

The challenge takes place over an entire school week, over five levels. If you can gather enough newspapers, you can knock Jake from the pole and win the level. Do it before time runs out, and you'll prove that Adam can stand up to Jake!

How to play the game

If he doesn't want the story to get out, Adam has to move quickly! Move your cursor left to right to help the boy run around the school and catch the newspapers! If you don't want your reputation in school to break down in shambles, you should try to gather them before any students can read the gossip.

Every time a student grabs one of Jake's papers, you lose precious seconds off the clock! You only have 100 seconds to take the monkey off the flagpole. To do so, you should switch from catching mode to attack mode after gathering enough ammunition.

That's right! You will use Jake's weapons to throw him off the pole. Press the Space Bar, then start firing papers at the monkey! Aim first using the red arrow, then click to throw the projectile. If you hit him, you'll deplete his health bar in the top left corner of the screen. However, make sure you don't run out of newspapers!

To win a round, you should deplete Jake's health bar before the time runs out! You can also pick up some bananas from the halls if you need a bonus on the clock. Yummy!

The secret to winning this game is knowing when to attack and when to switch to collecting! It might take a little practice to get the hang of it, but once you get in the game, you'll have fun! In the company of Adam and Jake, you'll have a blast at school, even if you're not supposed to!

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