Penalty Power

Soccer is a piece of cake in the Cartoon Network: Penalty Power game. Play as the Captain to score spectacular goals, then as the goalkeeper to defend!

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With the Cartoon Network: Penalty Power game, you get the chance to play the most exciting part of a soccer match. Here, you truly get to see the talent of the players. Scoring a goal, without any other team member to help you out is indeed a challenge. In a penalty, you are alone, and everything depends upon your skills.

In the same manner, the penalty is very interesting from the goalkeeper's point of view. To defend the incoming ball, a good player must anticipate where it will strike. There are several clues that give out the intentions of the other player. Their eyes, the position of their feet, all of these can tell you something about the next hit.

How to Play

It is not easy to become a good soccer player. You need a lot of training and sometimes even the best equipment. Fortunately, you got quite lucky. That is because some of the most famous Cartoon Network characters, such as Gumball, Teen Titans Go, or We Bare Bears, are ready to lend you everything. The only tool you will need will be the mouse. 

The first thing you need to do is to pick your players. For your team, you have to choose a Captain and a Goalkeeper. You will get to play with both of them in each match. The Captain will be the one trying to score the goals, whereas the other will try to defend the goalpost.

Even though it might look challenging, scoring goals is quite easy! First, you need to decide where you want to send the ball. Then, simply click and drag the cursor from the ball towards that spot. To make sure you score a goal, you should do your best to make your ball spin. In other words, as you drag, try to draw a curved line. That will make the ball spin and will deceive the goalkeeper.

When defending, you always need to anticipate where the ball is going to strike. Once you vaguely know where it is heading, you can click and drag the character you chose to that spot. If you were right and the ball strikes in that place, then the opponent will not score. 

You will have loads of fun playing this simplistic version of soccer!

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