Toy Twister

Help Ed, Edd n Eddy collects loads of falling toys from the tornado in the Toy Twister game. Keep your balance and fill up the toy box to make some money!

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A miracle happened in the cul-de-sac! A tornado came to the neighborhood and started dropping many toys in the Toy Twister game. As expected, Ed Edd and Eddy are not wasting any time and want to start collecting everything to sell them! However, they only have an improvised plank and a skateboard to catch all the falling items, and they will need your help!

Ed will keep up the plank while Eddy is in charge of catching everything, and Double D will keep track of their profits. Your job is to help Eddy keep his balance and grab as many items as possible. However, one mistake and all your efforts might be in vain.

How to Play

For this mission, you will only need your mouse. Try to move it from left to right and catch many toys in Eddy's backpack. Once you get some, you can drop them into the toy box by hitting the Left Click. However, make sure you don't miss it, and try to build up a combo by catching many toys in a row.

There are ten levels you will have to clear! For each one, you will need to hit a goal of toys before the timer ends, and you will get some money for each toy. However, if you don't keep your balance, Eddy will fall, and you will only lose time. Also, the more toys you have in the backpack, the harder it is to keep your balance.

The tornado does not bring only gifts! Between the toys, there might be some junk falling. If you catch it, it will count as an item, but there will be a monetary penalty for them. So, to make loads of money for jawbreakers, try to avoid them at all costs!

Are you ready to help the three friends collect all the falling toys? If so, let's grab the plank and skateboard and start the fun!