Ed, Edd n Eddy: Candy Factory

In the Ed, Edd n Eddy: Candy Factory game Edd's machine has gone mad, and he needs your help! Can you sort all the sweets and create loads of candy bags?

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Edd's candy machine has gone crazy, and he needs your help to fix the problem in the Ed, Edd n Eddy: Candy Factory game! You need to take the matter into your hands and sort all the sweets by color in the candy holders. Do you think you can solve this candy crisis?

Your role is to help Edd launch all the sweets into the right holders by color! However, because the machine is malfunctioning, you have to try not to get any loose parts into the machine holders or hit them. Will you be able to sort all of them?

How to Play

Let's start with the controls! You can use your mouse or arrow keys to move the cannon around! Depending on the color of the candy, aim your launcher at the right candy holder. It would be a waste to miss and ruin these delicious sweets!

The more candy, the better! Your role is to get three candies of the same color into their holders and create candy packs! Try to make as many bags as possible to achieve high scores. How many do you think you'll get?

There are more ways to get the candy bags! For instance, sometimes Eddy will try to steal some candies for himself. If you hit him with a loose screw, you will get a pack of sweets to add to the total score!

The same thing will happen if you can strike the stray cat that tries to enter the lab uninvited! You also can hit her with candies, but this will not grant you the candy bag.

What else you should know

Try to keep the candy holders intact! They will start breaking up if you hit them with the loose parts. Too many hits will destroy them, and you will lose the sorted candies! Fortunately, Ed will come to the rescue and fix them, but this will slow you down a bit. Try and don't damage them too much!

It's time to get things started! Are you ready to sort all the candies and see how many packs you can create? Go and meet Edd in his lab and begin this delicious challenge!