What's Your Eds Name?

Play the What's your Eds Name game to see what name would best suit you: Ed, Edd, or Eddy! Type in your real name and hit the OK button to get the result!

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About What's Your Eds Name? Game

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Have you ever wondered what Cartoon character name would suit you? Well, now you can find that out by playing the What's your Ed Name game. It's even easier than you think!

All you have to do is provide your real name and then wait for the machine to process the information. In a short time, you will be able to find out which character's name from the Ed, Edd n Eddy series would suit you!

How to Play

Because it's a straightforward game, there's not much to tell here. Using the mouse, you just have to click in the "Enter your real name" box. Then, using your keyboard, type your name. As soon as you're done, press the OK button and see what happens.

The machine will process the received information, and in a few seconds, it will come up with an answer. Finally, the resulting name will be displayed: Ed, Edd, or Eddy.

If you are curious to try some other names, maybe some of your friends, you can do it straight away. Just delete the text in the box, and type in any other name of your choice. Then, hit the OK button again so the machine will start doing its stuff again.

That's all about it! Have fun!