Lunchroom Rumble

Partake in a food fight alongside Ed, Edd n Eddy in the Lunchroom Rumble game. Fill your tray, grab jawbreakers and defeat every foe to become the champ!

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About Lunchroom Rumble Game

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There is total mayhem at the school of the cul-de-sac. Ed, Edd n Eddy, and the rest of their friends started a food fight in the Lunchroom Rumble game. However, they need help to be the last ones standing. Can you join them and defeat all their opponents?

Your job is to assist one of your favorite heroes in their efforts to hit everyone and become the food fight champion. But this will be easier said than done. The whole cul-de-sac will be on your tail, so don't take this task lightly. Now, it's time to grab a tray full of food and get the brawl started!

How to Play

Before you head into battle, you should learn the controls. Here is a list of everything you should know:

 - Arrow Keys: Move around.

 - Spacebar: Attack/Block when the tray it's empty.

 - Z: Use your power-up.

As you throw your food, your tray will get empty. However, it can automatically reload if you wait a bit or go to the bar to refill it quickly.

There will be many battles to win, and you can choose another character for each one. For example, at first, you can only play alongside the Eds. However, you can unlock new characters like the Kanker Sisters, Rolf, Nazz, and many others! So, try to achieve high scores and complete levels to meet everyone.

Because the competition is fierce, you will need some help! Luckily, you will find some handy jawbreakers around the launch room. For example, look for the red one so you can use your power-up. Also, you can grab the health jawbreaker to increase your life meter if you get hit too many times. At the same time, be careful not to empty your meter before you take everyone down!

Are you ready to enter the lunchroom and start the action? If so, fill your trait with as much food as possible, and let's see if you can take down the other Eds and their friends.