Spin Stadium

Help Ed, Edd n Eddy destroy as many spinners as possible in the Spin Stadium game. Use your tool to take down foes and become the cul-de-sac champion!

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About Spin Stadium Game

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The Eds are back with a new challenge in the cul-de-sac! Ed, Edd n Eddy started a spinner tournament in the Spin Stadium game! However, all of their friends want to see if they can become winners. So, the competition is fierce. Can you play alongside the Eds and help them defeat everyone's spinners?

Your job is to join one of the Eds into the race and use their spinner to take down the others. However, all of them are moving around and are hard to predict. So, stay focused if you want to take down any of them. Are you ready to start this brawl?

How to Play

Using the spinner is not as hard as you might think. You will only have to worry about launching it. To do this, you only need your mouse! Move it around to aim, then hit your Left Click to release your top onto the rest of the spinners. But don't forget that your tool will move only straight, and you should predict the other one's movement if you want to hit any.

Now it's time to pick your partner. You can choose one of the three Eds, and the spinner will have a different color based on your choice. There is no other help from your partner, so you will only rely on your skills. Don't worry if your hits are not perfect at first, though! With some practice, you will surely smash all your opponents.

There is one more thing you should keep in mind! For your launches, you will have an energy meter. With every spin, it will decrease, and your run will be over once it goes down. However, you can regenerate some if you hit the tops. So, try to take down loads of spinners to keep playing and achieve a high score!

Are you ready to pick your spinner and get the rumble started? Let's meet the Eds and see how many tops you can smash!