Candy Machine Deluxe

Try the Candy Machine Deluxe game to help Ed, Edd n Eddy get the jawbreakers into their bucket. Pick the best pipes and items to make the perfect path!

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What do Ed, Edd n Eddy have in common? All three love jawbreakers, and you will share that passion with them in the Candy Machine Deluxe game! The Eds got their hands on some delicious candy. However, they have it all in a machine and should drop them all into a bucket first. But if they miss, the treats will be ruined, and here is where you come in!

Your job is to create a path for the jawbreakers to get them right into the bucket. Use all the tubes and other peculiar objects until you hit your target. Will your engineering skills be enough for this task? Let's grab your tools and find out!

How to Play

Putting together the tubes is easier than it sounds. You only need to use your mouse to go through all the different types. When you have your pick, click and drag it into place. Then, the only thing left is to repeat these steps until you have the perfect path for the jawbreakers. However, try to be creative and build the craziest combination. This way, you will increase your points!

There are ten jawbreakers you need to get into the bucket. And you will have to do it one at a time. Don't worry, though! There are many ways to make your pipe path. For example, you can use the tubes as your base and get creative with parts like Disco Pipe, Steamwhistle, a fish bowl, and many others. But at first, you can't use all of them, so you should clear some levels to get them all.

Once you got all the pipes in place, it's time to send the jawbreakers for a ride. If everything is flawless, the candy will get into the bucket, and you will win the round. On top of that, you will gain loads of points depending on your creativity while constructing. So, always let loose and use as many pipes as possible.

Are you ready to get to work and build the most creative path for the jawbreakers? Ed, Edd n Eddy are waiting to see your designs, so let's not waste more time and get started!