The Eds' Launchbox

Help Ed, Edd n Eddy throw their lunch box as far as possible in The Eds' Launchbox game. Quickly build up power to have the best throw in the cul-de-sac!

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About The Eds' Launchbox Game

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Have you ever wondered how Ed, Edd n Eddy keep having fun daily? For example, in The Eds' Launchbox game, they found a deserted lunch box and started a contest to see how far they could throw it. However, the Eds don't have much experience, so they need help to succeed in this challenge. Are you the right person to show them how to do it?

Your job is to team up with one of the Eds and help him throw the box as far as possible. Be careful, though! The whole cul-de-sac is watching, so try not to miss it. Are you ready to use your muscles to throw the lunch box? If so, let's meet everyone and get the fun started!

How to Play

Throwing something around might not be as easy as you might think. So, try to learn the controls before you get into action. Here is a list of everything you need:

 - Up arrow key: Press it repeatedly to build up power.

 - Spacebar: Release the lunchbox.

To begin with, try to watch Ed's hand movements! He will spin his hand around while building power. So, you might throw the box backward if you're not careful!

The first step to your task is to pick your partner between the three Eds. Then, it's time to launch the box! Depending on how far you throw it, you will get some points. However, you only have three chances, so try not to mess up if you want a high score! Also, if you launch it backward, you might get a penalty and lose some points.

There is no time to waste! You will have a timer each time you build power, so try to move as fast as possible. However, if it runs out, the Eds will launch their box with whatever strength you gathered until then. So, be alert, and start building power as soon as the timer begins.

Are you ready to see how far you can launch the box? If so, let's join the Eds and get the fun started!