Class Spirits

Play Gumball: Class Spirits Game and surround the evil ghosts with magic salt! Defend all the school areas and protect your friends from being possessed!

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Prepare yourself for an adventure through the haunted classes from your school in the Class Spirits game. Help Gumball protect his friends and save the school from the evil ghosts that haunt it. Clear as much cursed area as you possibly can by surrounding all the spirits with magic salt.

At the beginning of every level, you will have a minimum percentage of the area that you will have to protect with salt in order for the area of the school to be fully saved. The portion that you have to cut from the hunted area will increase as you advance through the levels.

How to Play

Do this by pressing the arrows in the direction that you want to follow. Covering the zone is not enough, though. You will also have to fight and trap the evil spirit. The way to do this is by just leaving it in a tiny cursed space so that it does not have any other place to haunt.

Be careful because you might encounter some obstacles in your way that would make your path more difficult. Also pay even more attention to your friends, because they might get controlled too. Do not let them touch you, because the spirit that lies within them will possess you afterward, and you will lose one of the three lives that you own at the beginning of every level.

Try to avoid the evil spirit that lies in the center of the area too, because it will possess you as well. Do not hurry and be determined! If you lose all of your lives, you will have to start again, from level one.

Useful Tips

Do not forget to collect all the multipliers to win higher scores. Also, get the power-ups in your way to gain more salt, speed, or any other handful of skills; this way, your chances to defend yourself and defeat the spirit will increase. You can quickly activate them by pressing the spacebar. As you go further in your adventure, you might face more and more ghosts at the same time, but do not panic and do not be frightened. You can do anything.

Be the hero and the best ghost hunter that the school has ever seen. Show us your real powers and do not leave any way out for the evil ghost. Do not let the school to be haunted and your friends to be possessed anymore! You can do it!