Battle Bowlers

The pins have come to life in Battle Bowlers game. Help the Gumball's family defeat them and hit them with the bowling ball before they get to you!

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Bowling with the family can be boring sometimes. Darwin, Gumball, and Anais share the same opinion. But this game would become so much more interesting when the bowling pins come to life, would it not? In the Battle Bowlers Game, all of the pins came to life, and Gumball's family will now have to defeat them. Do you have what it takes to help them overcome this issue?

Firstly, pick a character that you want to represent you in your fight. Each of the characters has specific features. One of them might be stronger and give more damage to the opponent. Another might recuperate faster because it has the highest level of health. One might even be the fastest.

Just choose wisely and decide which feature might help you the most in defeating the evil pins. Use the W, A, S and D buttons to move your character. Press the spacebar to stump and destroy all of the evil pins that approach you. Now direct your bowl towards the pin and click on the left button of your mouse to aim and shoot towards the pin.

Collect all of the enemy cards and clear the field. The cards will offer you pieces of information that you might find useful in the future levels. Each level will get more difficult, and the strength of your enemies will increase.

Tips and Tricks

Some pins are stronger than others. Some might perish from only one hit, while others might require more hits to be destroyed. So just be careful at all of them. Only you can defeat them all. As you step up through the levels, new instructions will guide you throughout your quest and help you conquer the pins easily.

At the beginning of every level, you get to change the character. Use the "1", "2" and "3" buttons to switch between the characters if you consider that one's feature might help you more with the situation that you find yourself in. Hit more than one pin in a single strike to win more combos and clear the field faster.

They might even surround you while you run to get the bowling ball back. But do not worry, this is why you have the spacebar for. Do not let the pins get you, because you will have to restart the level and fight against them again.

Fight the evil pins and make the bowling game more interesting. Be fearless and act fast. Only you can save the bowling field from the pins that came to life.