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About Tension in Detention Game

In the Tension in Detention game, Gumball and Darwin are trying to escape from school in silence. After they were accused of a prank, the principal decided to send them to detention. But they are in a rush to a great concert, so they fixed an escape time.

The brothers still have to face the surveillance security cameras that have just been installed. They would surely need a friend to watch their back! Are you up for that?

Your job is to help them flee from the school unseen. Also, you may want to take into account obstacles that should be dodged, and puzzling situations to overcome. Is this enough a challenge for you? Let's find out!

How to play the game

Once out of the detention room, the brothers are on forbidden land. To move your character, you should use the Left and Right arrow keys. Along your journey, you will also encounter various obstacles, such as spikes and pits. Just use the Up arrow key to jump over them.

You should consider collecting blue stars too. If you manage to get all the three of them in a level, it means that you have done a perfect job!

Next, every time you pass a segment of the school, you have to enter a new one by pressing the Spacebar at the door. As levels get higher and higher, your tasks will rise in difficulty, and more dangerous opponents, such as patrolling robots, will make their appearance.

What's more, is that the hallways will be more puzzling as your character gets closer to escaping high school. For example, Darwin may need to walk with the gravity upside down! You may want to keep an eye on this sort of changes not to be taken by surprise.

What else you should know

You are not alone in this journey. Friends are there to give you clues on what you should expect on your way. So you might want to listen closely to their instructions. For instance, you can learn from them new ways of entering other areas, such as sliding in ducts or using blocks to lift up yourself. This sort of props requires you to press the Spacebar.

Can you see the light at the back of the hallway? It could be the actual exit! You may want to hurry up because the principal doesn't take her eyes off the surveillance cameras too often!

Game Details and Stats

Tension in Detention is an excellent Gumball game that you can play on NuMuKi for free. It was added to our website on Friday, April 10, 2020. The game has been played 5733 times. So far, it has received a rating of 89 / 100 from a total of 243 user votes, 217 likes and 26 dislikes. Tension in Detention uses HTML5 technology and should run fine in most browsers and also on mobile devices. The game window resolution has been optimized for best visual performance, with a width of 960px and a height of 650px. If you enjoy playing Tension in Detention, you might be excited to find out that there are 59 more Gumball games you can try! The most popular is Remote Fu, and the most recently added is Dash 'n' Dodge