Suburban Karate Master

Join Gumball in a karate adventure in the Suburban Karate Master game. Help the Watterson dodge obstacles and defeat attackers for as long as possible!

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About Suburban Karate Master Game

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In the Suburban Karate Master, Gumball is mastering his karate skills in the neighborhood. The sporty feline is walking down the sidewalk, trying to face the obstacles and enemies that come up in his way. Join in the game for an unforgettable karate adventure! 

Your role is to help Gumball to dodge the obstacles and battle the skilled fighters. Also, try to survive on the sidewalk for as long as possible to achieve a high score. Train your coordination and exercise your gameplay control in this karate experience with one of the Wattersons! Are you ready?

How to Play

The obstacles come in many ways. For instance, flying fireballs may try to set fire to your pants. Slide under them by pressing and holding the S key until you entirely pass the danger.

Next, watch out for land barriers, such as water hydrants, and jump over them by tapping on the W key. Then, apart from stumbling blocks, you need to kick the martial artists that run towards you. To do so, press the D button key and defeat your attackers.

The key element is that you need to survive the race for as long as possible. Beware that you only have three lives against the obstacles and the fighters. You should better use those karate skills to survive them all!

What else you should know

Apart from dangerous objects and furious attackers, the adventure has some indulgence too! Collect the green cans crammed with energy drinks that refill your superpower bar. Once it is fully replenished, Darwin instantly joins in and gives Gumball a boost. The feline will shortly become faster and invincible against all dangers! Crazy, isn't it?

Got the hang of the adventure? Play as many times as you want and get to wild scores with furry Gumball!