Water Sons

Play Water Son to help Gumball and Darwin cool of their friends in the most torrid day of the year. Train fast-thinking along the Wattersons!

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About Water Sons Game

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In the Water Sons game, Gumball and Darwin had enough of the sunniest day in years. At first, they had a peaceful mindset, but soon the sun rays became even hotter and more annoying. Now the town of Elmore is sunk in a fiery heat, and people hardly bear it. This girded situation calls for the Wattersons!

They loaded their trunks with water balls and rocks, but they can't win alone. Combine your forces and help Gumball and Darwin to cool off their friends. Aim properly, think fast, and prepare for a very wet battle against the sun! 

How to Play

Elmore's citizens are all over the town. To cool them off, use the mouse to aim. Then, click on the left mouse button to make Gumball throw the water bomb.

Not sure of how powerful is your shot? The arrow above the Wattersons indicates the quickness of the ball. Stretch the line, and the power increases. Make sure to aim at the citizen you want to refresh. The faster you refresh the residents, the easier you get to a new level. 

Gumball and Darwin really appreciate your help! Did you notice that Darwin sits behind Gumball all the time? He is there to help you too! Press the spacebar to switch the characters and use his ammunition. Use rocks to get past obstacles or trigger systems that makes them disappear. 

Keep in mind that Darwin cannot help you to cool off citizens. He can only clear the way! To continue splashing around, switch the characters again and use the water bombs for your mission.    

What else you should know 

Did you notice some objects and don't know their use? They may be hazards, so don't aim at them! As the levels get increasingly harder, some new obstacles can get between you and the victory. Some of them are thorns, wasp's nests, or flames. Dodge them as well as you can. 

Are you out of ammunition? Sometimes hitting from the first try can be difficult, and chances are limited. Whether you remain out of water bombs and rocks, or you simply want to get three stars at the end of the level, press the R key to restart the level. 

Don't forget to also collect the props that can help you splash the water bombs on the citizens. The game made it impossible to directly shoot the ball? You can always hit the bubble or the gum trampolines to bounce the balls towards the direction you want.

Every now and then, you might notice a strange blue or violet helix. It's a portal! You can shoot the ball through the gate, and it will come out on the other side.

Have fun in this game that keeps you engaged from the start until the end!