Dodge Ball

Join Gumball and his friends in a suspenseful competition in the Dodge Ball game. Help the team beat their opponents in time and master the sport!

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About Dodge Ball Game

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Gumball and the team are competing against some friends in the Dodge Ball game. The friends are on the field with some itchy balls that really want to be played with. Which team can survive the longest on the field? You might want to give Gumball and his fellow mates a hand to become winners! 

Your job is to help them avoid the balls coming from the opponents and aim directly at them. Win against the opposing team before the time runs out and become a dodge ball legend! Exercise your precision and fast-thinking alongside Gumball and his comrades! Are you ready to fire some balls?  Ready, set, dodge!

How to Play

Gumball and the gang need to be really fast to win the match. Target the counter-player you want to hit with the mouse. Then, once your aim is ready, click on the left mouse button to shoot. Make sure to be really fast because the game is quite dynamic.

Be careful! The others have to score points too, so try not to be their victim. Jump to avoid their balls by pressing the Space bar. Your team of three is always running in different directions, so try to watch over them and prevent them from being struck. 

What else you should know

Each round has a limited time. By these means, you should succeed beating your opponents within 120 seconds. Don't worry because that's plenty of time! Your biggest challenge is not to get canceled first by the other team.

What's more, you can watch the bar on the top of the screen that records all the times you've been hit. Are you on the red? Gather up and kick the opponents first!

Are you a dodge ball master so far? Continue playing and reach wild scores for Gumball's team!