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Play Gumball: Bro-Squad | NuMuKi

About Bro-Squad Game

Be a true and capable hero and save Elmore from the evil forces that want to destroy this beautiful city. Defend the citizens that live here and show your real powers in the Gumball Bro-Squad game!

Tobias, the most maleficent of all villains known to us, has the evil plan to destroy Elmore. Only you can prevent that from happening by displaying the real powers of Gumball and using them to help the evil perish. Richard, Gumball's father, will be there to guide you and explain to you how to fight Tobias and his little helpers.

How to play the game

You will have a bar that represents your life and one that shows the power you have left. The sword sign is for attacking. The shield will help you defend against your opponent's attacks. Some attacks, as well as some defenses, might consume your power. If you have less than the minimum energy required for that particular attack or defense, you will have to regain some by using the basic defense.

Each time someone attacks you without a specific defense, even though you will lose more life, you will recover two points of power. You can use the basic attack or the power attack. The same goes for the defense. The difference is that the power attacks or defenses will consume more power, but it will make your moves more powerful than the basic ones. 

You can have a maximum level of power at every level, that changes as you advance. Fight all of Tobias' monsters. Defeat Anton, the Construction Man, and every other character that represents Tobias' right hand.

Useful Tips and Tricks

Gain more points, defeat more monsters, and advance through the stages. Beware, for the higher you go through your levels, the more power and life your opponents will have. But fear not, because each new stage comes with more power for you as well and with new weapons or shields that you can use to save Elmore and learn new skills.

You will be able to obtain extra XP by defeating all of the monsters that you run across in your way to Tobias. Watch a short video to double the XP that you win. After level 3, you will be able to choose between the opponents that you want to fight because after defeating them, you might either win power or more life. So choose wisely and pay attention to your opponents' strength.

Do you want to know how you can win? Well, you will have to play the game to find out. Be the hero Elmore is looking for. Be the hope of every citizen and fight all of the evil creatures. Join the adventure alongside Gumball and create a whole new universe in which peace is above it all. Do you have what it takes?

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Game Details and Stats

Bro-Squad is an excellent Gumball game that you can play on NuMuKi for free. It has been added to our website on Monday, November 12, 2018. The game has been played 4317 times so far and has received a rating of 90 / 100 from a total of 248 user votes, 223 likes and 25 dislikes. Bro-Squad is loaded in an iframe, so it would adequately render in all browsers, including the mobile devices. The game window resolution has been optimized for best visual performance, having the width of 750px and the height of 500px. If you enjoy playing Bro-Squad, you might be excited finding out that there are 58 more Gumball games you can try! The most popular is Remote Fu and the most recently added is Cartoon Network: Party Mix

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