Blind Fooled

Gumball and Darwin are trying to find each other in the Blind Fooled game! Help Anais move objects around and clear the path for the blindfolded buddies!

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About Blind Fooled Game

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Your favorite characters are trying to have fun in the Blind Fooled game! They had the brilliant idea to race each other blindfolded. As expected, things did not turn out too well, so Anais decided to help! She is now the only one who can protect them!

You have to make sure Darwin and Gumball don’t trip and injure themselves! Assist Anais and move around the dangerous obstacles that might cause trouble! Even better, use her whistle to stop them when needed! You have to get them closer so that they bump into each other and finish the level!

How to Play

Anais needs to go around the platform and move boxes and other objects! Use the Right and Left arrows, or the A and D keys to direct her! Also, if she needs to jump on other platforms, use the Up arrow or the W key! When is time to pick up objects, press the Down Arrow, or the S key!

Furthermore, you need to be very careful and do not let your buddies hurt themselves! If this happens, they have to remove their blindfold, and the game stops! Because of this, you need to avoid Carmen and not let Gumball fall from great heights!

Also, make sure to collect all the rainbows and finish the level in one hundred seconds, so that you can get gold at the end! 

Useful tips

You should also know that you can use the items that are scattered around to block the characters and make them change direction! For example, the smelly sock can act as a barrier in Gumball or Darwin’s path! To create the same outcome, you can also stack boxes on top of each other.

Even better, springs allow Anais and the duo to jump to high places and over obstacles! Also, the laundry basket is perfect for catching the characters if they fall!

Help Anais reduce the danger that Gumball and Darwin put themselves in! Make sure to keep an eye on both of them! You have to assist them until they find each other! Move the objects around and finish the levels in the first place!