Fellowship of the Things

Join the Wattersons in a chase after their stolen stuff in the Fellowship of the Things game. Defeat the monsters along the way and return home safely!

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About Fellowship of the Things Game

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In the Fellowship of the Things game, The Wattersons have to battle some ghosts and monsters in a chase after their stolen belongings. While Tobias was teaching Gumball some fighting moves, the phone rang. A scary voice lets the Wattersons know that their missing stuff is in the cemetery. They have to take their electronics back before their mother arrives home! Can you give them a hand?

Your role is to help Gumball and Darwin defeat the enemies that took their stolen objects and restore them to their place. You will be given clues on what you should do. All you need to do is make sure to follow the instructions carefully. Are you ready for a spooky adventure with the Wattersons?

How to Play 

Gumball has to finish the tasks at home before he and his brother proceed to more important business. Are you ready to get him moving? The way to do so is by using the arrow keys!

Many of the things around you hold new clues; it can be either objects or even characters. Just look for the exclamation mark above them! You should use the Spacebar to interact with objects and figures to find out what hints they have. Or you can also use the Spacebar to open chests or switch between characters when on the battlefield.

Every time you collect something, such as fighting gear for Gumball and Darwin, they are delivered to the inventory. If you want to access it, just press the Z key. When you solved all the tasks, the next destination unlocks!

Next, on your way to recovering the stolen electronics, monsters may attack at any time. Don't worry, still! Darwin will join in the fight, and the two brothers will combine forces! Once on the battlefield, their attacks have a charge-up time. Instead of waiting for the skill to charge, switch to the other brother! His attack will surely be ready!

When you win a battle, you will not only be rewarded gold to purchase new items, but also experience points that enhance the brothers' attacks! Pretty cool, right?

If you got tangled in the story, the journal might be of some help! It lists all of your objectives and tasks, so be sure to press the C key to open it!

Did you notice Anais? She is there to help too! You can reach her to heal your two fighters from the opponents' attacks! You might want to look for a pointy hat because it gives her extra power!

What else you should know

The inventory contains many useful items that you either achieve from victory, a vending machine, or maybe a treasure chest! The most indispensable ones are definitely the quest items, such as keys and electronics, which are required for leveling up in the adventure. 

Moreover, equipment should be of use in a battle! For instance, Gumball's helmet boosts the power of his attack, and Darwin's shield decreases the damage he receives.

Are you not sure of your current location? The map on the bottom right of the screen shows the exact position of your characters, so don't hesitate to use it!

This seems like a pretty spine-tingling adventure! Start playing and enjoy the creepy background!