Suburban Super Sports

Elmore is ready for summer in the Suburban Super Sports game! Join Gumball and help him win the gold in all the sporting competitions the town prepared!

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About Suburban Super Sports Game

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The summer vacation is bound to never get monotonous in the Suburban Super Sports game! Gumball and all his friends have gathered to take part in the best competition in town! The city prepared lots of fun games and contests to help pass their time! 

Your job is to help Gumball win the gold at different contests! You can choose between the Single player and Multi-Player modes to attend the sporting events! If you want to team up only with Gumball, pick the first option! However, if you feel like controlling more characters such as Darwin, Anais, or Banana Joe, enter the second mode and start competing! 

How to Play

Five main activities take place in the suburbs of Elmore, individually called March, Jump, Joust, Rope, and Launch! In every one of them, the characters have different tasks to complete!

For example, in the March round, the player has to run to the finish line while being followed by Tina, the dinosaur! Another contest, Launch, includes throwing cans to reach the longest distance!

Most importantly, you have to remember that each round has its particular controls! You have to pay attention to the keys that appear on the screen and try to follow them closely! If you fail to copy the instructions, your character will lose the match!

For example, to bounce off the trampoline in the Jump game, you need to watch the meter closely! As soon as it arrives on the green color, press the W key!

What else you should know

Furthermore, since you need to control more characters in Multi-Player Mode, you have to use more controls! For the Rope activity, use the A, S, and D keys to control the players on the left! And to control the players on the opposing side, use the Right, Up, and Left arrows!

Gumball and all his friends plan to have the time of their lives this summer! Your main job is to endure this happens! Help your favorite character win all the rounds and become Elmore’s master of games!