Manic Canteen

Everybody is hungry in the Manic Canteen game! Help Gumball serve food to his friends, and collect all the candy they leave for bonus points!

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Gumball has a new job in the Manic Canteen game! He took up serving at a restaurant, and all his friends started visiting him! However, this caused the place to be too crowded, and he can't keep up with all the work!

You have to step up and help Gumball serve the food to the tables! Pay attention to each character that steps into the restaurant, and take care of each order correctly! Anais, Darwin, and others are hungry, so don't let them wait for too long!

How to Play

Characters keep showing up, and you have to quickly serve them! For every one of them, you need to pick up a food item and drop it at their table! To serve up food, use the Spacebar key! You have to keep in mind that Gumball's colleagues can come from everywhere! So, to move around the floor, use the Right and Left arrows!

More than that, if they like the experience and the food, they will leave candy as tips! You need to collect that to obtain bonus points! For this, press the Up and Down arrows to get to the back of the tables! You need to do anything in your power to keep customers happy, and get all the extra points!

However, more than enough times, the food is spoiled, and they return it to Gumball! You have to be attentive and collect it before it falls on the floor! If this happens, he loses a life! Also, you need to be careful and not leave the clients waiting! Gumball will lose energy if they stay in line for too long! Remember, he has only three chances before the game ends!

Gumball's hungry classmates can be exhausting, and you need to give a hand to your tired friend! Roll up your sleeves, and start serving food like there is no tomorrow!