Merry Merging Christmas

Play the Merry Merging Christmas game to help spread the joy of the holidays! Can you merge the symbols and gather stars with Cartoon Network characters?

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About Merry Merging Christmas Game

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With the Merry Merging Christmas game, you have the chance to become Santa's little helper! Can you spread the Christmas cheer to every house in the world? Don't be intimidated by this task, as you will have some help from your favorite characters! Are you a fan of Cartoon Network? The protagonists of your favorite series will accompany you on this journey, including the cool characters from Adventure Time. Isn't that exciting?

Your goal is simple: get as many stars as possible before Christmas! As your heroes fly in Santa's sleigh, they collect golden stars. Use them to buy and craft magical tokens and increase the power of your protagonists! Can you upgrade the sled and discover all the hidden characters?

How to Play

Let's start spreading Christmas cheer! Can you see Finn in Santa's Sleigh? He won't collect any stars unless you give him a token. To create tokens, all you need to do is click and drag the symbols on the board in the lower part of the screen. It sounds like an easy feat, but you'll soon find that it can be quite a complicated mission!

The rules of combining the trinkets are simple: only two items of the same kind and the same level can be merged. Thus, they will form a new token of a higher level. Each token features a different hero from your favorite Cartoon Network series. How many can you discover?

After creating a powerful token, you will need to give it to Finn, our Christmas hero! It will increase the number of stars that he collects per second. Unlocking new tokens will also upgrade Finn's sleigh and add new characters to his Christmas caravan! 

What else you should know

Finally, it's time to talk about the shop and adding new tokens! If you have decided to create something new, you can click on Santa's gift bag to receive a lower level item. You can also buy one of the previously-discovered tokens in the shop.

However, sometimes you will need to be patient and wait for a few minutes until your heroes manage to gather enough stars. Did you know that the game keeps collecting stars for you as long as you log in every four hours?

Celebrate the winter holidays with your friends from the Cartoon Network animated series! You will undoubtedly have a blast as you merge tokens and gather golden stars. Oh, and Santa will certainly appreciate your help and reward you on Christmas Day!