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Help your favorite heroes in Teen Titans One on One game. Select your character and defeat the villains that threaten the world with their plans!

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The Teen Titans have another mission to accomplish in the Teen Titans One on One Game. Each of the villains that the Teen Titans have ever faced has come up with some evil plans. You will need to stop each one of them from achieving the goals that they have in mind. Do you think you can do it?

The five Titans will have to defeat the villains separately, to make sure they catch them all. Beast Boy will fight against the Mad Mod. Starfire has to overcome Mumbo. Robin will challenge Red X. Raven has to defeat Overload. And finally, Cyborg will have to face the rage of Atlas. Each of the villains has their unique plan in mind.

You will need to help the Titans reach the evil guys before it is too late. In order to do this, you will need to control the character that you selected at the beginning using the mouse. Each one has a different story and a different way to proceed.

The evil Mumbo, a real mastermind when it comes to magic and thievery, has stolen some precious jewels. Help Starfire defeat him right now. On your way towards the destination, you will encounter many objects thrown by the villain to prevent Starfire from approaching. Help the selected character avoid the obstacles by clicking on the left button of the mouse. The more obstacles you destroy, the more points you will gain.

How to Play

Mad Mod has the plan to turn the entire city into a twisted version of Jolly Ol’ England. You will have to guide Beats Boy through mad Mod’s layer and stop him from destroying the city. Use the arrows to jump or to move from the left to the right. Press the “1” button to transform into a human form. The “2” button is used to turn into a cheetah and jump on taller enemies. Press the “3” button to transform into a hawk that flies from danger and reaches high places.

Red X wants to steal more Xenothium. Robin is the one that needs to stop him from doing that by defeating an army of high-speed enemies. Guide him using the mouse. Attack the enemies with the help of the left button on the mouse. Be careful at the heat meter on Robin’s weapon, though. If it overheats, you will have to wait until it cools down to use it again.

Cyborg must survive the challenge of Atlas using his Sonic Cannon. Beware of all the technological terrors that threaten Cyborg’s life. Use the mouse to move Cyborg away from the objects and click to shoot towards them.

Overload is only dreaming about destruction. He wants to destroy a skyscraper in the city. Raven is the only one that can stop him. Move the falling rocks with your telekinetic powers and do not let them hit the innocent people. Make them smash against each other to prevent any further dangers.

Come and save the city from the evil villains that have horrible plans in mind. You are the only one that can help these amazing heroes.