Panic Mode!

Join Beast Boy in a tower defense adventure in the Panic Mode game. Help the Titan prevent the Brain and his goons from taking over the Titans' Tower!

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About Panic Mode! Game

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In the Panic Mode game, when the titans left to battle some villains, their tower got invaded by the sneaky Brain and his horde of goons. Luckily, Beast Boy was not feeling well and remained home to guard the tower. 

The Titan was caught off-guard when the villain forcefully ambushed the building. In a glimpse of an eye, he ran to press the panic button! Now Beast Boy needs someone to help him defend the tower!

Your job is to build towers that stop the bad guys from destroying the Titan's home! Place them wisely on the board so that they prevent the invaders from breaking the security doors. Train your decision-making skills while helping the Beast Boy protect the Titans' residence! Can you do it?

How to Play

The adventure is divided into two modes: the Story and the Challenge. Yet, the second one is locked until you complete the first section. Click on the Story, and let's get it started!

To begin with, pick a tower from the bottom menu and place it on the grid close to the entrance of the goons. The gameplay control is quite straightforward: your only tool is the Left mouse button. Easy as pie, right?  

Once you finished arranging your weapons, the armies will come in 15 different waves, each more powerful than the other. Make sure you are prepared for each of them!

Every time you kill a bad guy, you get rewarded some cash. Gather enough money to buy new towers or upgrade the ones you already have to face the stronger opponents.

To enhance the weapons, click on them and press the green button. Also, if you misplaced one tower, you can click on the red button and sell it for some extra cash.

What else you should know

Each tower is customized after a different Titan: Cyborg's Chomp, Raven's Dark Engine, Robin's Birdarangs, Starfire's Star Thrower, Beast Boy's Crusher, and Silkie's Chomp! Each one has its ups and downs and might be better suited for specific situations.

For instance, the Birdarang ones are quite effective against flying enemies. Place them close to the door, and they will prove really useful. Try all the towers to see what they can do!

Remember to always have in mind a well-thought strategy, so that you destroy as many goons as possible before they enter the gate.  If too many of your enemies escape through the security door, you will restart the level. Yet don't worry. Rebuild your tactics and try once more!    

Help Beast Boy overcome the Panic Mode and destroy Brain's army of goons!