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The Teen Titans are battling different evil forces in the Action Arcade game! Our heroes have gone separately to fight as many opponents as they can, so they need all the help they can get! Buckle up and prepare to play!

Your job is to assist every single one of your brave companions and provide them with your help! Choose between Starfire, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Robin, and Raven to start the journey! Protect them from danger, and help them defeat their opponents!

How to play the game

Upon starting the game, only two characters are playable Starfire and Raven! However, you can unlock the rest of your buddies as you continue to play!

First, you have to increase your score by helping the two female Superheroes, and then, you can move on to the next Titan! For every mode, the instructions are a bit different, so pay attention and finish the tasks! 

In the first level, you have to help Starfire defeat the ships that are threatening her! To start shooting green magic at her opponents, just click on the screen! Take care, since these ships will begin to fire at her immediately! To dodge their attack, hold the mouse and move your cursor around! This way, you’ll save Starfire from danger! Remember that she only has two lives, so keep her out of trouble!

Furthermore, in Raven’s mode, she needs to keep the Monster’s bomb away from her part of the Universe! To help her defeat the evil creature, use the cursor, and guide her in space! Also, try to get the bomb past the Monster! By doing this, he loses one of his three lives, and you get closer to completing the level!  

Play the different arcade games, and defeat your friends’ opponents! This also includes helping Robin aim at the evil monsters, feeding a hungry Beast Boy all the burgers, and preventing blocks from forming with Cyborg! All these adventures require your full attention so that you complete the tasks successfully! Focus and prove the Titans how skillful you are!

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