Teen Titans Goal

Give an unconventional game of soccer a try with the Teen Titans Goal game! Help Starfire, Raven, and the rest of the gang surpass all the purple monsters!

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Enjoy some athletic fun with the Teen Titans Goal game! Did you know that Raven, Beast Boy, Starfire, Cyborg, and Robin are soccer fans? What is more, they are skilled players! You have the chance to give them a helping hand in a match against evil purple aliens. The enemy team is also pretty talented, so try your best to beat them!

The game consists of multiple rounds of soccer. However, the setting is unconventional, as you won't be playing on a regular field. Instead, you'll be on an endless run, trying to catch all the balls that come toward the protagonist. Can you hit all of them?

How to Play

The first step is to pick out one of the five heroes. Each one has different skills and can play in another environment. Would you like to go for a jog with Raven in the park or play on the streets of NY with Cyborg? Besides, some heroes will even give you a score bonus for each round you play with them. However, you'll need to earn Titan Coins to unlock them!

Luckily, you don't need to know how to kick to play this type of soccer! To control the protagonist, you need to press the Space Bar or click the Right Mouse button at the right moment. Wait for the ball to overlap perfectly over the white target in front of your character. That's how you kick in this game! Each good shot will earn you 5 points, while a perfect one will earn you 20 points. Earn as many as you can!

Keep an eye out for your enemies! Whenever you run past them, there's a chance that they will shoot the ball back at you, making you lose it. Yikes! However, you can also take advantage of the aliens you come across. If you see their goalkeeper, try your best to make a perfect shot and score a goal. It will earn you 50 valuable extra coins. How cool!

Make sure you make as few mistakes as possible! Each miss will decrease your available time, bringing your run closer to its end. Whenever you finish one of the rounds, you can see how many goals, perfect kicks, misses, and combos. It'll be so fun trying to improve your high score with each of the funny and powerful Teen Titans Go heroes. Just give it a try!