Robin vs See More

Play Robin vs See More
Play Robin vs See More

About Robin vs See More Game

Robin is a busy Teen Titan. He has to fight with some of the worst villains in town, to protect the people he loves. Today he is in a battle with See More. Play the Robin vs See More game, and help Robin beat him.

The battle takes place in the crowded town, and Robin is driving his car. He needs to stop See More from doing bad things in traffic. You can help Robin if you drag anywhere on the left side of the road to control his car. Every time you see See More`s car, you need to shot it. To do this thing, you have to click on the right side of the road.

See More`s car can shoot turrets and rockets, and you should avoid them with any costs. More than that, be careful at the other vehicles on the road, and at the people that you see. You should not hit them because your life will decrease. See More is smart, and he has aerial vehicles too. To shoot those, you can use the ramps on the cars. Your score will grow if you shoot See More`s cars. When you get hit by other vehicles, or when a rocket gets you, your life decreases.

On the lowest part of your screen, you have the See More meter. It tells you how far you are from See More. Be careful at the obstacles on your way, and make sure you get at the end of the road with a good percentage of life, and you can beat See More. We wish you good luck!

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