The Night Begins to Shine

Join Cyborg on a musical ride in The Night Begins to Shine game. Help him steer the motorbike while avoiding the monsters on his way to rescuing Titans!

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About The Night Begins to Shine Game

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In The Night Begins to Shine game, the Teen Titans have been captured, and Cyborg has to use the power of music to save them! At the moment, the Titans are held captive in a villain's dungeon, but Cyborg is still free! He decided to take his motorbike and listen to the best record ever on his way to his comrades! He still needs to better his driving skills and watch out for obstacles on the road! Can you give him a hand? 

Your job is to steer his motorbike, jump over deadly pits, and dodge enemies that may block your way! Also, the record tapes are quite important to collect because they maintain the flow of the ride, so you should count that too!  Are you ready to lead Cyborg to the Titans? Let's get the motorcycle going! 

How to Play

Once Cyborg plays the record and puts on his bad guy attitude, the ride can start! You should keep in mind two indispensable controls. First, the Up arrow key which helps Cyborg jump and avoid falling in the pits. Also, you can use the jump to collect the record tapes. When you obtain a consistent number of them, the vehicle changes to a Robot Unicorn! Pretty crazy, right? 

Secondly, the Right arrow key is used to speed up for a short while. You can even use this sort of boost to get past the monster that hates music! It is highly important to avoid it so that the vehicle doesn't break into pieces. If it does, Cyborg has to restart the ride. 

Did you get the hang of the gameplay? Now get to wild distances and collect a fortune of record tapes to make sure you only ride the Unicorn!