How to Draw Bumblebee

Learn how to draw your favorite Teen Titan in the How to Draw Bumblebee game! Use your mouse to follow the guidelines and improve your artwork together!

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About How to Draw Bumblebee Game

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Do your best and learn how to draw your favorite cartoon character in the How to Draw Bumblebee game! Have you ever tried to sketch the superheroine of Teen Titans Go and failed? If so, then do not lose hope! This game will guide you through each step!

In this turn-based drawing session, you will learn to draw Bumblebee from beginning to end. Step by step, you can follow the instructions and improve your drawing skills. To reach your goal, all you need is some practice and, of course, patience. Do you have what it takes to complete your artwork? 

How to Play

Luckily, for this drawing challenge, you won't need any fancy tools. Drop your pencils, crayons, paper, and eraser, and press play! To complete the tutorial, you will need a mouse, and of course, willingness to learn!

For each step of the artwork, you will be able to follow the guide on the screen. To follow the dotted line, you have to Left-click once, then slowly drag the mouse across. Remember that you should stay as close to the guideline as possible, or the drawing might not be successful!  

If you want to draw each stroke correctly, you should take your time without rushing. Take it slow, and try not to shake your hand too much. The steps might seem easy, but drawing straight lines requires some skill! If you try to do it in one second, you might end up with a wonky artwork!  

Do not lose confidence if you make mistakes! For each stroke, you have the option to erase it and try again. Of course, as you keep drawing, your skills will improve! With every line you make, Bumblebee will start to look better and better!

What do you say? Are you excited to practice your drawing skills? Join your friend from Teen Titans Go and follow the instructions closely!

Good luck!