Rescue of Titans

Join Cyborg and Robin in a rescue mission of their fellows in the Rescue of Titans game. Help them defeat Brother Blood and his army and reunite the team!

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About Rescue of Titans Game

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In the Rescue of Titans game, all the teen heroes but Cyborg have been captured. The despicable Brother Blood has stricken again and aimed at the Titans. Now Cyborg is in charge of rescuing his comrades and managing to defeat once and for all the villain. He left for Robin first to help him with the shooting. Your help would surely come in handy for the two heroes!

Your job is to help Cyborg and Robin get to their fellow Titans by shooting enemies and avoiding dangerous hazards. It is quite a challenging mission, but with a powerful flier and a sharpshooter, you can succeed! Are you ready to save the day and restore peace in the town? Let's get the fight started!

How to Play

Cyborg's flight is easy to control! Just press the Up and Down arrow keys when you want changes in altitude or dodge hazards.  Easy as pie, right?

Once Robin joins in, enemies and all sorts of obstacles will get in your way to rescuing your fellows. Are you ready for some shooting? You can control the hero's superpowers with the W, A, S, D keys, and shoot in what direction your opponents come from.

The adventure consists of three areas. Each road leads to one of the Titans who are hypnotized at the moment. Once you get to them, it doesn't mean that they are free. Brother Blood made sure that the mission is as hard as possible! You still need to battle themselves under hypnosis and win. When you do, they will join in as fighters!

You can change between heroes by pressing the Q key and explore their powers too. Also, every character can upgrade its skills with a little cash.  After each level, you earn coins, so make sure to invest them in our team!

Did you reunite the Titans? Now it's time for the final battle with Brother Blood! Beware that he gathered all the powers of the captured Titans, so prepare for a challenge! The entire team is there to help, so use their abilities to defeat the villain!

This seems like a hell of a mission! Unite your gameplay skills with the Teen Titans' superpowers and fight the evil in this spine-tingling adventure!