Zapping Run

Do not let Control Freak accomplish his evil plans in the Zapping Run game. Use the Teen Titans' special superpowers to get out of difficult challenges!

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About Zapping Run Game

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The Teen Titans are trying to find a way out in the Zapping Run game. The villain named Control Freak is trying once again to pursue his evil plans. He is now trying to stop the heroes from getting to him. For that purpose, he invented an all-mighty remote control that can bend the reality according to his wishes.

Just now, he used the remote to trap the Teen Titans inside the Tv. Who else besides you can give them a hand to get out unharmed? So many circuits might seem threatening to them, but, for you, they will be a piece of cake!

How to Play

To get out of that televised maze, first, you have to pass through all the obstacles. Between you and the exit, there are many traps laid by the Control Freak. As a tool, you will need to use your mouse to activate the Teen Titans' powers. Simply click anywhere on the screen to make them jump or fly or activate their special power. 

Each Teen Titan has its own unique ability. Robin can jump quite high whenever you press and hold the mouse. If you need him to go even higher, you can use the double jump! You only need to click once again while he is in mid-air. That way, you will be able to reach even the highest points inside the Tv trap.

Another hero trapped is Cyborg. Unlike Robin, he cannot jump, but he knows another way of reaching hard to get places. His special power is flying effortlessly. Nothing can keep him down if you are there to help. Unfortunately, he is not able to stand in the air indefinitely. Because of that, you will need to keep clicking the screen. Each click will make him fly higher!

A total opposite of Cyborg is Starfire! The alien girl is totally unable to stand too close to the ground. Left alone unsupervised, she will simply fly so high she'll reach the space in no time. Use the same tool to keep her contained. If she manages to go into the ceiling, the Control Freak will probably do something painful for her!

These are only a couple of characters in the game. The more you will play, and the further you get, the more characters you will unlock. 

Good luck escaping from the villain's evil plans!