Stellar Showdown

Starfire's birthday is in danger in the Stellar Showdown game! Help her fix titans' ship, collect all the gems, and destroy Blackfire's minions in space!

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About Stellar Showdown Game

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Starfire's birthday party took a sudden turn in the Stellar Showdown game! The Teen Titans prepared a surprise gathering to give her presents, but when Blackfire found out, everything changed! The evil twin sister felt left out, and is now trying to ruin the rest of the day!

Because of this, the titans are working hard to contain her wild forces! Your job is to help the heroes defeat Starfire's sister! Firstly, you need to fix the ship and get it ready for take-off! Then, plunge into space, and defeat Blackfire's evil minions!

How to Play

Since you have to repair the ship, use the Right and Left arrows to move around! When it's time to reach a higher platform, use the Up and Down arrows to climb the stairs! Keep in mind that to fix the problems, you have to walk over the colored pipes and put them in place! 

After you complete the ground level, you have to take the team up in space! There, the task is to collect as many Titan Gems as possible! To do this, you must shoot the asteroids until they release the colored jewels! Each stone is assigned to one titan, and if you gather enough of them, you can change your player!

To fight back and defeat Blackfire's ships, use the X key. Keep your eyes open, because some of them release power-ups once you destroy them! So, collect the bonus items to get stronger attacks!

Also, the Spacebar activates a Superpower that obliterates anything in your way! However, you only get three of these, so don't use them too much! Make sure to pay attention to other extra items that may help you, such as hearts, or Titan signs!

Join the Teen Titans, and help Starfire continue her celebration! You have to defeat Blackfire and her minions to get back to the birthday party! The game provides many adventures both on the ground and in space, so make sure to complete the tasks! Destroy the evil spaceships, and collect gems to finish the levels!