Sewer Sweater Search

Join Gumball in a new adventure in the Sewer Sweater Search game. Help him slingshot his way through the smelly channels and get to the box of sweaters!

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Gumball went on an adventure after a new jumper in the Sewer Sweater Search game. His beloved old sweater got ripped at school, and Gumball felt quite hopeless. That was until Darwin came up with a solution! He told his brother that their father left a box with old sweaters in the sewer and that he should check there.

Now, Gumball is equipped with Bobert's navigation tool but needs a friend to help him out with the machine. Can you assist the cute feline at its attempt to get a new cloth?

Your role is to control the mechanical arm to navigate through the sewers of Elmore. You can be sure that they are quite smelly and loaded with garbage, but with a little determination, there's no doubt you will succeed! Are you ready for a thrilling discovery of the underworld? Let's get it going!

How to Play

You should get the hang of Bobert's machine before you start the adventure. Gumball can slingshot his way around the channel by clicking with the mouse on the metallic objects. They work as vines that launch him in the distance!  Not bad, right?

Once you aimed at the vine, make sure to let it go as soon as you reach it. This way, Gumball will travel the fastest possible, and time is pretty important in this journey. You have 180 seconds to get to the end of the channel and pass the level. But don't worry, it's still doable!

Next, you should try to collect some coins too. Apart from a new sweater, Gumball wouldn't mind some wild score at the end. The cash is spread all over the sewer, so make sure to fill your character's pockets with them. Is Gumball satisfied with his score? Try the level once more, and earn even bigger!

If usual garbage makes Gumball uncomfortable, some other pointy objects that damage his life-buoy make him sink! You might want to keep an eye on tires with spikes, metals, and other crazy ones and avoid them by any chance!

You should strengthen up your belt because this ride is going to be mad. Be prepared for deep currents and terrifying dark channels on your way to the box of sweaters!