Rhythmic Romance

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About Rhythmic Romance Game

Gumball is a good friend, and he loves to do many things in his free time. Just imagine that you have so many hobbies, that you barely have time for them. Gumball is so busy that sometimes he ends up having fun while he needs to work. In the Rhythmic Romance game, you will discover one of his biggest hobbies. Since forever, Gumball loved to dance. Now it is the chance of his life to dance with the person he loves. With all things he has to do, he could not dance too much during the last couple of days. Gumball is scared that he will miss the steps, and he will look bad in front of his girlfriend. Help him impress the girl he likes, and have the perfect dance.

Gumball and his friend will wait for you to make the first moves. Click to make them move on the floor, but be careful not to fall. Follow the circle around them, and when you see it touching the floor, click fast. If you spend too much time waiting, they will fall automatically.

You need to be careful at the obstacles in your way. Avoid them as much as possible. Click on the next floor to make them move right. The floor can go straight, or it can go up, left, right or down. You need to make sure you help them finish every dance perfectly. Only in this way, Gumball can show his friend that he is a good dancer, and they will enjoy every moment spent together.

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