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Take a seat on the Gumball`s comfortable couch and watch TV with him. Oh no, but apparently the remote control does not work. Only you can help Gumball regain his remote control and relax in front of the TV in the Remote Fu Game. Take the challenge and let us begin the journey.

Gumball`s remote control got broken, and his family went to fix it. But when they wanted to take it back, Gumball noticed that it was stolen. Everybody from the family wants to watch a different TV channel, just like in any regular family. So the members of Gumball`s family have to fight in order to see which one will have the right to use the remote control. But this is no regular family because the way they compete for the remote control is with amazing Kung Fu moves.

So how can you actually defeat them? Well, it is easy, you will run to take the remote control back by simply using the arrows to guide Gumball and the "c" and "x" buttons to attack your opponents. The "c" button is for normal kicks, while the "x" one is for a power attack that you may use only after gaining enough strength. After you have defeated the first three opponents that you are running alongside you, jump towards the remote control to make sure it remains yours. You will have to compete with the last member of the family that remained unharmed. Who catches the remote control faster gets to keep it.

Follow the instructions and press the exact buttons listed at the bottom of the game. Whether it is one of the arrows or one of the other buttons, just make sure to press the one it is shown. After that, press the "left" and "right" arrows at the same time as the "x" and "c" buttons as fast as you can so you can make Gumball get higher and higher in his jump. If you catch the remote control, Gumball will finally get to watch his favorite TV show, but if your opponent catches it, you will have to begin again. But stay focused and determined, because we are sure that you will pick it faster this time.

Show the world your best moves. Kick, jump, run, hit every single member that stands in Gumball`s way to watching his most beloved TV show. Let`s save the remote control together!

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