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Driving can be quite challenging, especially in the Drift Cup Racing game. Usually, when in a race, you must keep the steering wheel quite stiff and under control. Well, when it comes to a drifting cup, the very opposite applies. As it is the case here, everything is extremely slippery! That means that the wheels are almost totally out of control.

Even though taking control might be next to impossible, you should aim to drive the car as neatly as possible. As you would expect, drifting excessively or hitting obstacles can damage the car! Undoubtedly, you do not want that for your precious ride. Let's see how to do this!

How to play the game

The gear you need to drive these cartoon cars is not that complicated. Because the average person does not have a steering wheel attached to their computers, you should get used to using the Left and Right arrows to steer. Simply press them according to your needs. You should be careful, though. These cars are quite sensitive even to the smallest touch. 

When it comes to races, usually the only thing you have to worry about is finishing first. This time things got a little more challenging. Because the track is quite twisted, you will have to do a little getting used to. Even an expert would have a difficult time getting past these sharp turns.

Regardless if you will finish first or last, there is a money prize for each player! Race after race, this sum will get bigger and bigger, and you will be able to make some updates to your car. The more you will improve your ride, the easier it will get to win the races. 

Along the road, there will also be some trouble areas. Spilled oil might seem harmless at first sight, but you shouldn't be fooled by appearances. If you run over it, your engine will start to malfunction for a short time. This might cost you some precious seconds, and the opponents will eventually get the chance to get ahead of you.

Winner or not, you will surely have loads of fun drifting around in this race!

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