Gotham Streets

Join the Dark Knight for a race through the city in the Beware of Batman: Gotham Streets game! Drive the Batmobile and take down the enemy vehicles to win!

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About Gotham Streets Game

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Do you love adrenaline and fast-paced adventures? If so, join an intense car chase in the Beware of Batman: Gotham Streets game! Now is your chance to join the Dark Knight and drive the Batmobile all around the city. Just do your best to keep up because this challenge is all about speed!

For this mission, you must help Batman take down all the criminals racing in the night! Fire up the engine and prepare to follow Gotham's most evil foes. Just make sure to drive carefully, because you don't want to get into any accidents! Will you be able to keep up with the high speeds?

How to Play

Don't worry because driving the Batmobile is not as complicated as it seems! To control the vehicle and drive around the city, you only need to use your keyboard. Press the Up, Down, Left, and Right arrows to move your car in each direction. Once it's time to shoot, tap on the Z key to fire your forward weapons or the X key for the rear ones.

This is an intense race, so you must always keep your eyes on the screen! If the speed increases too much, you can slow down by pressing the Down arrow. This way, you can quickly regain control of your vehicle. Just do your best not to touch the edges of the road, or you can damage the Batmobile!

The enemy cars and drones are always following you, but it's important to keep your distance! The foes won't shoot until you get too close, so you should stay away. Shoot at them from a distance, and watch them all disappear!

What else you should know

Keep in mind that you can't use your forward and rear weapons at the same time, so you must think of a strategy to take down all the vehicles!

Just like in a real race, if you run out of energy, it'll be game over. This is why you must watch out for obstacles such as debris or wooden boxes. These can all damage the Batmobile, so stay out of their way at all costs! 

Also, don't worry if your skills aren't good enough; The more you practice, the more your driving will improve!

It's time to begin the race! Join Batman and make sure no villain is causing trouble on Gotham's streets!