Immortal Legend Crime Fighter

Test your combat skills in the intense Immortal Legend Crime Fighter game! Can you beat up all the baddies in Gotham and face the vile Crocodile Assassin?

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About Immortal Legend Crime Fighter Game

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Play the Immortal Legend Crime Fighter game and help the Dark Knight clean up the streets of Gotham City! Are you brave enough to face some of the most dangerous villains? You'll need to lend Batman a helping hand as he beats up all the baddies and reaches the ultimate boss, called the Crocodile Assasin!

This combat challenge consists of a single run through the streets of Gotham City. Can you survive it? You'll need to come face to face with all sorts of different foes, armed with a wide range of weapons. Use all of Batman's skills to surpass them and get a high score!

How to Play

Beating up villains is not that complicated, especially when you're Batman! To move around the streets, use the Up, Down, Left, and Right arrow keys. If you want to jump, simply press the Space Bar. Now, let's get into the battle! You can punch an enemy by pressing the X key. To dodge, simply use the C key.

Experiment with different types of weapons! As you defeat your foes one by one, some of them will drop their dagger, baseball bat, or even a gun. Pick it up as soon as you can by pressing the Z key! Whenever you want to use the weapon, push the same key again. However, keep in mind that you can only use each weapon three times! Therefore, use them wisely!

There's an art to defeating all the villains! As you move through the streets of Gotham, they'll come at you one by one or in groups. Don't tackle too many at a time unless you're very skilled!

The key to success is to face all the enemies correctly and start hitting right away. Try to land multiple attacks one after the other to create a combo and score extra points!

There's more you should know!

Are you struggling to survive? You should always keep an eye on the health bars at the top of the screen! Can you make your enemy run out before you do?

Remember to also look out for banana bunches, which will give you a health boost! You can find them by crushing the many crates and boxes you find along the way.

Girls, men in suits, and speedball aliens are just some of the dangerous foes you'll face. Can you keep up with all of them until you reach the final boss? There's only one way to find out! A helpful tip is to jump on your enemies whenever they fall. However, they might get up and beat you up if you don't pay attention!

Have you managed to reach the final baddie? The key to beating up the fierce Crocodile Assasin is to find a powerful weapon. Save it for the final confrontation! You should also dodge as many attacks as possible and never get hit. Don't get discouraged, and keep trying! It's so much fun to be Batman and defeat all the villains in Gotham!