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Try the Batman: Night Sky Defender game to keep the Dark Knight flying over Gotham. For how long can you charge his wings while dodging Penguin's attacks?

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The Penguin is back, causing trouble around Gotham, and Batman needs to stop him in the Batman: Night Sky Defender game! However, this battle will not be on solid ground but up in the sky, and Dark Night's equipment might not be a great fit. Can you keep him afloat until he gets rid of the villain?

Your job is to recharge his wings and help him get back to safety. Even though it might seem like a simple task, the Penguin will not let you escape without a fight, so you are in for a challenge! Will your efforts be enough to save Batman from Penguin's attacks?

How to Play

Because this challenge will be full of action, the controls are made pretty simple. You only have to use your mouse to dodge any obstacle and recharge your wings. Even though it sounds easy, you will not be able to catch a break, so stay always on alert if you want to keep Batman safe.

Your job is to keep the Dark knight floating for as long as possible to achieve points. Your wings will have an energy meter that will decrease over time. However, you can recharge some energy by picking up power-ups. They look like Batman's emblem, so they are easy to spot. If the meter empties, the game will end, and you will have to start all over!

There will also be loads of threats on your way. For example, you can encounter the Penguin, floating bombs, or dynamite. At the same time, you also need to be aware of the buildings. If you get hit by any of these, you will lose a chunk of your energy, so try to dodge them as best as you can!

Are you ready to help Batman keep his wings charged and dodge any danger? Let's see if you can put up with Penguin's efforts to bring down Gotham's guardian.