Justice League: Brink of Apokolips

Help epic superheroes save the world from Darkseid's evil plans with the Brink of Apokolips game! Play as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, or Green Lantern!

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About Justice League: Brink of Apokolips Game

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Gather your courage and head out on a thrilling series of missions with the Brink of Apokolips game! As you might know by now, the team of heroes called the Justice League only has one goal - stopping evil plans from destroying the world. However, this time the situation is much grimmer. Therefore, it will take an organized effort to save Earth!

Any fan of the Justice League has heard about Darkseid, one of the fiercest villains! Using his evil mind, he invented an ingenious plan - to keep the heroes occupied with catastrophes worldwide. Meanwhile, he has enough time to charge his Omega beam and obliterate planet Earth! Can you give a hand to Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Green Lantern? It's the only way to stop the incoming chaos!

How to Play

Being a hero is hard! However, this game makes it easy to help out your favorite heroes. You'll just need to click and move the cursor to perform the task within each level.

You'll start the game as Superman, one of the most well-known and epic heroes. In fact, he's so powerful that he can go against a tornado! Your mission is to save the farm by pulling out animals and objects from the tornado center. If you can pull all of them out, you win the level!

Next, it's time to get rid of the gloomy clouds above Gotham! Batman will use his famous lantern to push them away, thus avoiding Darkseid's disastrous storm. Help him by clicking on them until they disappear! 

All the dangerous prisoners are loose among us! Unfortunately, Darkseid has released them, and only Wonder Woman and her trusty lasso can stop this mayhem. To give her a hand, catch the baddies, and drag them beyond the line on the floor. If you manage to do so before the time is up, you win!

There's more you should know!

Finally, Green Lantern will fight Darkseid high up in the galaxy. With your help, he'll smash up the asteroids headed toward Earth. Hopefully, you'll help him catch them all!

Can you make it to the end of the game before all your five lives run out? You'll lose one every time you're too slow and fail one of your tasks. However, the faster and more precise you are, the better your score!

This challenge allows you to fight alongside some of the most powerful heroes in the Justice League! Therefore, you must try it if you're a fan of the series. It'll be thrilling to prove your skills and have fun in this series of confrontations!