Hazards at Horizon High

Play the Hazards at Horizon High game to put all of your superhero abilities to the test! Can you help Spider-Man protect the extremely powerful Chromium?

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Do you dare to try the Hazards at Horizon High game? You will surely have a blast by using all of Spider-Man's remarkable abilities. What is more, you will need to make use of your scientist skills as well!

What happens when Peter Parker finds himself all alone in a lab filled with Dr. Octopus's menacing grunts? There's only one way to find out!

How did Peter manage to get himself in this pickle? He was just working with his professor in the laboratory on a regular day when the alarms started blasting. Can you believe that Otto Octavius has sent his men to retrieve one of the most valuable substances in the universe, Chromium? 

The only thing standing between this evil genius mastermind and his goal is a skinny teenager called Peter Parker. However, we aren't talking about any ordinary young man! Peter is going to use his brains and his superhero strength to protect the element and prevent it from getting in the wrong hands. Do you want to lend him a helping hand?

Find your way around the lab and set up traps!

The game consists of a series of increasingly difficult levels. They will challenge your planning, as well as your battle skills! The goal of each stage of the game is to protect the valuable Chromium from Doctor Ock's henchman. But how to do that? Use the many traps in your professor's lab to stop them in their tracks. Easy as pie, right?

If the first level seems a little overwhelming, don't get too intimidated! Scroll to the tutorial level and give it a go, so you can get more familiar with the gameplay and mechanics of the game. Isn't that a cool feature?

Let's get started with the planning! The professor and Peter have devised a color-coded system for their traps. You start with three colors: Orange, Blue, and Yellow. Pick up items around the room, then drag them from the inventory towards the appropriately colored object in the background. Isn't that awesome?

Use the little time you have before any assault to create your ideal set up. Make sure all of your traps are loaded by checking the green bar at the top of each one. Don't forget that you are up against the clock! You only have a few minutes until the brutes come barging in, so you'd better use every second wisely!

Let the baddies come in!

Now it's time to change into your costume and finish your mission! Click on the security cameras to see what's going on in each one of the rooms. Watch as your traps stop invaders in their tracks! Can you believe how painful some of these torture devices look? 

However, don't get too relaxed! As the game advances, you'll find that your traps can get exhausted by the sheer volume of foes in the laboratory. Don't forget to get back down to fill them up! 

Dying guards will drop objects that you can use to refill your previously set traps, as well as upgrade the existing ones. Make sure you make good use of this feature, as it's vital in the later stages of the game! Can you believe that sometimes they make the difference between a clear win and a humiliating loss?

Despite your initial opinion, this game is not all about wits! Sometimes you will need Spider-Man to hop out of his hiding place and take care of things the old-fashioned way! If any enemy gets too close to the precious Chromium, don't hesitate to press the space-bar. It will make Spider-Man jump in at the heart of the action. To shoot at the adversary, just click on him! 

Get ready for a cool mission that will keep you glued to the keyboard for hours! Are you prepared to battle the bad guys by using your muscles and your wits? Then stop hesitating and join Spider-Man for this truly exciting game!