Spidey: Forces in Motion

Play the Forces in Motion game to help Spidey, Ghosty, and Spin chase and catch Rhino! Will you get over every obstacle to keep the neighborhood safe?

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About Spidey: Forces in Motion Game

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Rhino is causing trouble in the neighborhood, and you need to stop him in the Forces in Motion game! Choose your trusty hero and bring the villain to justice. However, your journey is full of obstacles, so use your spidey senses to avoid trouble!

Spidey, Ghosty, and Spin will not have any rest until they catch Rhino. However, you might find some things worth picking up on your way! You should focus and keep your eyes wide open so nothing will escape. Do you have what it takes to be the hero of the day?

How to Play

Because you have three trusty friends on your side, being a hero has never been easier! Pick your character and use the mouse to control it. However, they will do all the running, so you only have to press the Left Click to jump on the platforms and complete other actions!

To achieve a high score, grab every coin you find in your way! Some will be harder to reach than others, so try to plan before each move to maximize your loot! Also, you will encounter many obstacles on your way, so try not to get hit by something. But if this happens, remember that you only have three health points. If all disappear, your run ends!

There are a few ways to get past the obstacles! The first one is to jump over them, but the others are a bit more complicated. For example, you can push, pull or magnetize them depending on the situation! Also, you might need some help if the objects are too heavy, so don't hesitate to call your friends!

It's time to meet Spidey, Ghosty, and Spin and get started! Will you be able to catch Rhino and save the neighborhood?