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Act as The Amazing Spider-Man in a challenging and engaging setting during the Online Movie game! Can you face any obstacles and beat up the bad guys?

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Try The Amazing Spider-Man: Online Movie Game to leap, swing, and shoot just like everybody's favorite red-and-blue superhero! Have you ever wanted to experience the awesome powers of Spider-Man first-hand? Now you can join him as he makes good use of his unique abilities to navigate the urban jungle of New York City! Do you think you can keep up?

Any fan of the Spider-man movie is going to fall in love with this thrilling adventure game! Can you believe that you get to re-enact some of the greatest scenes from the film? Your heart will be pumping as you experience a true adrenaline-rush with this cool platformer! Are you ready to give it a try?

With great power comes great responsibility!

Do you love platformers? Then you'll surely get the hang of this thrilling game in no time! It consists of four exciting levels, each one exploring a different location in the Big Apple.

What is more, you will need to step up your game as you advance! Are you ready to face new foes and surpass increasingly tricky obstacles? Then keep playing!

The gameplay is so intuitive and fun! To move your character, press the Left and Right arrow keys on your keyboard. Want to jump or climb up a building? Just use the Up Arrow. If you're going to slide under an obstacle or climb down, you need to hit the Down Arrow. Easy as pie, right?

Now let's get on to the fun part! You can attack foes by shooting webs, and even swing across gaps by hitting the Space Bar. What is more, you can also learn some special moves to get over obstacles faster and obliterate enemies with less effort! Use the keys from 1 to 4 to take advantage of this cool feature of the game. 

Get better by using cool tricks and earning extra points!

The aim of each level is simple: reach the exit by overcoming all obstacles while obliterating all enemies that come in your path. What is more, you can accomplish secondary goals for extra points. Aren't you excited to reach the high score list?

One of the things you can do to become a pro player is to be a good Samaritan! The crooks of New York City rob innocent bystanders every day. One of Spider-Man's tasks is to catch these good-for-nothing rascals and return the goods to their rightful owners. Beat up as many foes as you can, collect the items, then return them to a civilian to receive extra points. Isn't that cool?

Any good feat you do, as well as showing a good mastery of Spider-Man's skills, may earn you a special badge! You can check on any existing achievements from the main menu. While you're there, maybe you should glance at all the badges and set some extra goals for yourself. Are you ready to top the high score list?

Are you having a blast yet? This thrilling platformer allows you to become your favorite superhero and even use his special powers! I'm sure you'll be glued to the keyboard for hours!

What are you waiting for? Just jump in!