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About Gorilla Grodd: Barrels of Peril Game

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    NuMuKi Browser
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    800 x 600
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Oh no! Batman's superhero team has been captured in the Gorilla Grodd: Barrels of Peril game, and he needs to bring them back! Can you help the Dark Knight reunite with his friends and defeat the evil gorilla? Let's see if you can be a true superhero and become part of the Bats' team!

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Your job is to help Batman build his background arsenal to bring Grodd down. However, the talking gorilla will not give up, so you better prepare for the worst. Do you think you can manage all this action and come out victorious?

How to play the game

Before taking on the intelligent gorilla, you first should learn the controls! Here is a list of everything you should know:

 - Arrow Keys: move around and climb ladders.

 - Spacebar: jump and grab batarangs.

 - Z: Duck to avoid Grodd's mental blast.

 - X: Throw Batarang.

It might get confusing before you get used to it all, but with some practice, you should go through everything with no problems!

The superheroes you need to rescue are Aquaman, Green Arrow, and Blue Beetle! You will start by saving them one by one, and then Grodd will catch and imprison them in pairs. Also, your path will become more difficult as you advance, so you best try to adapt as fast as possible!

Gorilla Grodd will try to bring you down by throwing toxic waste barrels at you. You should try to avoid all of them! Also, if you manage to jump on top of them, you'll get a few points.

What else you should know

When you reach the top, and it's time to face Grodd, the gorilla will start attacking you with metal blasts that are even more dangerous! If you get hit by attacks, your health will go down. Also, your health meter acts like a timer, so as time passes, you will lose a big chunk of your health even if you don't get struck.

However, if you move fast and pay attention to your opponent's attacks, it should be a piece of cake. But, if your health meter empties, you'll lose one life point, and it's game over if you lose all three!

Are you ready to help Batman take on Gorilla Grodd to save his superhero team? Let's see if you can find all the Batarangs and bring down your foe!

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