Batman Shoot 'Em Up

Try the Batman: Shoot 'Em Up game to help the Dark Knight get rid of the villains of Gotham. Use Batman's weapon to save the day without getting a scratch!

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About Batman Shoot 'Em Up Game

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In the Batman: Shoot 'Em Up game, Gotham is full of criminals, and Batman has equipped his best firearm to get rid of them. However, these villains had also come prepared with a full arsenal! Can you help the Dark Knight clear out the city without a scratch?

Your job is to guide Batman around the city and shoot every villain you encounter. However, his weapon is no joke, so only a professional superhero can use it. Do you think you can handle such a responsibility? Let's gear you up and see how you'll perform!

How to Play

Before you start, you can go around the city and start shooting blindly, so you should learn the controls! Here is a list of everything you should know:
 - Right arrow key: Move forward.
 - Left arrow key: Go backward.
 - Up arrow key: Jump.
 - Down arrow key: Crouch.
 - Spacebar: Shoot.

Pretty straightforward, right? With a bit of practice, there is nothing that can stand in your way!

Even though Batman equipped one of his best weapons, it still has limits. Meaning you can't go around shooting endlessly. The gun still has to recharge after you go through a few shots, so pay attention to the bullet meter. Don't worry, though! The bullets will restore in seconds, and you can return to serving justice!

Don't forget that your enemies have guns also, and you should not underestimate them. If they shoot Batman a couple of times, his health meter will decrease, and you will lose one life point if it goes down! Also, you only have three of them, so you will be defeated if you lose them all!

What else you should know

Lastly, there are six levels to complete! You should try and earn as many points as possible in each one by taking down enemies. Also, you can gather coins by collecting Batman Emblems!

However, you can't complete the level if you do not hit your mark of takedowns. This number will increase as you advance through levels, so always try to bring down every villain.

Are you ready to hit the streets of Gotham City and help Batman take down every villain? Let's get you up with his trusty weapon and see what you got!