Batman Versus Mr. Freeze

Try the Batman Versus Mr. Freeze game to help Bats save Gotham City From the cold-blooded villain. Destroy the freezing ray using your Batarang arsenal!

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About Batman Versus Mr. Freeze Game

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Gotham City is in danger of being controlled by the coldest villains in the Batman Versus Mr. Freeze game! Luckily, Bats jumped promptly into action to try to stop Mr.Freeze's plan. However, the evil foe will not back down so easily! Can you lend Dark Knight a hand and get him out of this adventure in one piece?

Your goal is to use the Batarang to bring down Mr. Freeze. Be careful, though! He has a powerful ray that can transform even the smallest water particles into ice blocks! Will you land every hit to restore Gotham's safety?

How to Play

You cannot go into battle without learning the controls! So, here is a list of everything you should know:

 - Left and Right arrow keys: Move around.

 - Up arrow key: Throw Batarang.

 - Spacebar: Punch.

Batman can also climb the ice blocks, but if they are too high, he first needs to throw a few punches to break some!

Batman and Mr. Freeze have a health meter, and your job is to hit the villain until he has no life points left! Also, if Bats gets into his ray, he will take a bit of damage, and he might be the one with an empty health meter if you're not careful. However, he has three tries, but if all of them run out, it's game over!

There will be many levels for you to complete, so taking down Mr. Freeze one time will not cut it! However, you can gather loads of points with every hit of your Batarang and broken ice block. Also, your score will count for the other levels, so you should always aim to gain loads of them!

Are you ready to help Batman defeat Mr.Freeze and save Gotham City? Equip your Batarangs, and let's see if you can avoid his freezing ray.