Dynamic Double Team

Prove your combat skills with the Batman the Brave and the Bold: Dynamic Double Team game! Can you team up with Blue Beatle to defeat space pirates?

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About Dynamic Double Team Game

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Play the Batman the Brave and the Bold: Dynamic Double Team game to learn how to keep your cold blood in the middle of an intense battle! You'll get a chance to join Batman in one of his intergalactic adventures. The creepy Kanjar Ro and his space pirates are planning a terrifying attack on Earth. Can you team up with the Blue Beetle and take them down?

The game consists of an endless battle where Kanjar Ro's goons will come at you from all directions. Can you beat them up without getting hurt? It's up to you to last as long as possible in the battle ring! Luckily, Blue Beetle is there to help you whenever you get overwhelmed!

How to Play 

Do you know how to fight? It's time for a quick lesson of Batman combat! To move around the ring, use the Left and Right arrow keys. To perform a simple attack, just press Z. If you need to jump around, use the X key. 

Naturally, you can combine these controls to perform special moves. For instance, pressing Up and Z will make our hero perform a flying knee while pushing Down, and then Z will result in a leg sweep. Impressive!

Each enemy you defeat will make blue beetle scarabs appear on the ring. Pick them up as fast as you can to fill up the bar in the upper left corner of the screen! Whenever it's full, you can press the Spacebar to call Blue Beetle to the rescue! He will knock out up to three enemies, giving you a much-deserved break. How helpful!

What else you should know

Don't let the enemy attacks touch you! Some of them will even have weapons such as laser guns. Therefore, their attack range will increase! 

Every hit you take will deplete your life. Whenever it runs out, the game is over. Ouch! However, if you look out for the Health Orbs whenever they appear on the screen and pick them up, you'll get a boost. 

How long can you last in this adrenaline-filled battle? There's only one way to find out! Your final score depends on how many baddies you manage to take down before your health runs out. If you keep your cool, you'll keep the enemies at bay and reach the high score list!

Batman and Blue Beetle will be proud to fight under your command in this exciting space adventure. You're their only hope of defeating Kanjar Ro!